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Malwarebytes Browser Guard doesn't like my.malwarebytes

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Malwarebytes Browser Guard on my Windows 10 Firefox 76.0.1 shows 17 hits for Ad networks, trackers, malware, and scams, including four for cdn.optimizely.com, eight for www.googletagmanager.com and five for  www.google-analytics.com. Hell, even this forum racks up five for www.googletagmanager.com.

Guess no matter what defenses one tries to put up there's no escaping nosiness.


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On 5/20/2020 at 8:25 PM, tonguetwister said:

Hell, even this forum racks up five for www.googletagmanager.com

as test -
Firefox Tracking Protection - Strict
uBlock Origin - 22 filters checked
Does BG detect/block google marketing tags on 'forums.malwarebytes.com' because BG happens to see "googletagmanager" before Firefox & uBlock Origin....or, ....BG is better than Firefox Tracking Protection + uBlock Origin 22 filters.   Maybe, Firefox + uBlock Origin allow "googletagmanager"? 

btw ~ same observation with Edge Tracking Prevention - Strict + uBlock Origin - 22 filters.  

Curious....BG sees "googletagmanager" before Firefox & uBlock Origin..... or ___________?

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The Markup Blacklight scan suggests "forum.malwarebytes.com sends information to Alphabet.  
Does a BG tracker detect correspond with a BG tracker block? 
Does a detect always mean a block? 
Might BG detect an already blocked (by other) tracker? 
Does BG only report a tracker that BG actually blocked? 


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