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Non binary log file from cloud provider


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Windows machine

harmless log of sync activity with one of the most secure cloud providers - text only not attaching as it has plain language details of my sync activity

MW got spooked by it despite it being there for 11 days (the logs get archived and renamed .1, .2 etc)

offending filename is user/appdata/local/sync.logs/sync-refresh.log

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4 minutes ago, miekiemoes said:

Do you mean we detect the sync-refresh.log file?

exactly which is very silly

4 minutes ago, miekiemoes said:

Can you zip and attach the detection log?

no, as I said, it is a plain language log file of sensitive details

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  • Staff


Are you sure this is a log and not a binary/PE file? Because the machinelearning engine that is detecting this only supports detecting PE files.

Please note that it doesn't mean, because it has a .log extension, that it can't be a PE file, as you can rename any file to something different.

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  • Staff

This is really impossible on a logfile, because, as I said in above, our Machinelearning engine only supports detection of PE Files.

But given you can't provide this "log-file", there's no way I can check it out either/reproduce this.

Please let the cloud company know about this and have them contact us if they are seeing the same, but I really doubt they do, because we would have heard about this for a while already.


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