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false positive files mod_ISA20_YLT.exe, fr08_final.zip


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(I saw the instructions for Malwarebytes versions, 1, 2, and 3, but not 4.)

Malwarebytes Premium Trial 4.1.0  free detected two files I thought were okay.  In case they had become infected, I tried Virus Total on the files.  There were detections (mod_ISA20_YLT.exe 4, fr08_final.zip 2), but they weren't detected by the Malwarebytes/Malwarebytes hpHosts engine.

I tried Virus Total on the download URL of mod_ISA20_YLT.exe, but there were no detections.  

I downloaded mod_ISA20_YLT.exe from webpage https://www.scripture4all.org/download/download_ISA2.php (link URL https://www.scripture4all.org/download/dlf2.php?f=ISA20/mod_ISA20_YLT.exe) and did a comparison with fc--no differences.  I ran the freshly downloaded file through Virus Total again and got similar/same results.  I  think the Malwarebytes detection on my PC was a false positive.

(I also downloaded another file today because I clicked on the wrong link.  It showed up in the 3:13PM (1513) scan report, MOD_ISA20_CLV.EXE, so it could be a false positive too.)

I found  https://files.scene.org/view/demos/groups/farb-rausch/fr08_final.zip with the link URL https://files.scene.org/get/demos/groups/farbrausch/fr08_final.zip .  Again the file comparison of the new and old files returned no differences.  I think the Malwarebytes Premium Trial 4.1.0 free detection was a false positive for this file too.

VirusTotal on the URL to download this file had one detection, but again not by the Malwarebytes hpHosts engine.  

I put the date and time in the filenames.

202005180212-Malwarebytes-report.txt 202005191009-Malwarebytes-quickscanresults.txt 202005191513-Malwarebytes.txt 202005191011-Malwarebytes-manual-scan-results.txt

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and related:
I just got a Malwarebytes notification of "Website blocked due to Trojan" for 

Domain:   files.scene.org
Por          443
Type        Outbound
File          C:\Windows\System32\MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe


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