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CPU usage high until i open task manager

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Hello, I have a similar problem to this guy, who also posted on your forum. Here's his link https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/241749-cpu-usage-high-until-i-open-task-manager/.

My name is Joseph and I'm from estonia and would like some help. I built my pc 3-4 weeks ago. It's all fresh except the motherboard, cpu has been used, but the PC is good. I had trial AVAST until it ended. At some point I started noticing that everytime i open my taskmanager it shows 80% or above CPU usage which seems ridiculous, because within seconds it goes down below 10%. My cpu is Intel i7-4790.

It has been used, yes, but it's not broken to be behaving like this. I followed the other guy's article and found some malware or stuff and quarantined it, also i save all the files you asked him to and saved them yesterday, i can do it all again. Before i quarantined the items, i always had 98% cpu usage. One of the items were named "TotalAV", I tried to use it but found out that antivirus is a hoax and a scam. So I dont know, help me please :)

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I did this thing yesterday 18.05. I ought to do it again, but just incase I added this info from yesterday if any of it helps. I also have quite a few cracked games on my system but they are on my D drive, and windows and other important stuff are on C drive which is a SSD 256gb. So some of the games maybe might have something but I tried to get the cleanest variants.

Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST.txt MBAM18.05.txt

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Hi      :welcome:

When one starts Task Manager,  one must have patience and allow the system to settle down for at least One Minute.  The measurement displays on Task Manager take a good while to reflect a true readout !   Do not expect accuracy right at the very start.   Let the applet settle down.

If this is your only "issue"  then discount it.


The CPU usage can fluctuate depending on all sorts of conditions.  It  ( high cpu usage  at some moment in time) does not mean that there is some kind of "infection".

For example, it can be due to the mix of tasks ( jobs )  and programs in use.   Also, Task manager will MOST Often show at 100%  when first displaying.  You must wait a few minutes for Task Manager to stabilize with real numbers

You need to have patience / allow Task Manager to settle in.  The behavior you describe is not unusual.

Task Manager will settle down in most cases after a while.

The question needing to be asked:  What are you trying to get to ?

IF you are suspecting some kind of infection  - - - >  do scans with Malwarebytes for Windows.

Then, later on, take an inventory of all of the programs on your box that are auto-started with Windows.

See what programs are NOT a absolute-must-have for auto-start.


You may  want to review this topic and see if it applies to your system as well.   It takes a while for Task Manager to compute tasks & then refresh the display..

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Strong note of CAUTION

You said earlier  


 I also have quite a few cracked games on my system but they are on my D drive


I would recommend you Delete all "cracked" software you may have anywhere.   I am not the software license police;   HOWEVER  software cracks of any sort are known to be bundled with RANSOMWARE  and other types of malware.   These make you a prime candidate for a serious malware infection.    DELETE those files / Uninstall  all such cracks.

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One of the things this pc has is PUP.Optional.TotalAV

The Malwarebytes scan run you provided showed that you did not tick-mark  all flagged items  so that they would be removed.


I would like you to do a new scan with Malwarebytes for Windows.  One of the major goals here is to have it remove all that it detects.  If it finds anything that is.

Start Malwarebytes from the Windows  Start menu.

Click Settings ( gear icon)   at the top right of Malwarebytes window.   We want to see the SETTINGS window.

Then click the Security tab.   Look for the section "Automatic Quarantine".   Be sure it is clicked On   ( to the far right side)


Then scroll down to the section Potentially Unwanted items.   We need the next 2 lines   ( for P U P  & for P U  M)  to be set to "Always ( Recommended) ".

You can make the change by clicking on the down-arrow selection list-control.   We want all P U P  &  P U M to be marked for removal.


Next, click the small x on the Settings line   to go to the main Malwarebytes Window.

Next click the blue button marked Scan.

When the scan phase is done, be real sure you Review and have all detected lines items check-marked on each line on the left. That too is very critical.

You can actualy click the topmost left  check-box  on the very top line to get ALL lines  ticked   ( all selected).


Then click on Quarantine selected.

Then, locate the Scan run report;  export out a copy;  & then attach in with your  reply.

See https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038479194-View-Reports-and-History-in-Malwarebytes-for-Windows-v4



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Hello, I am really embarrassed that I haven't been saying a word back at you, I ran into some legal trouble and didn't have time to work with this problem.

I will write you tomorrow when my head is clear and tell you how is the situation but I think it is fixed. :)

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Hello.  I hope you are doing better.   How is the situation on the pc ?

Have you had a chance to run the scan with Malwarebytes for Windows ?   It only takes a few minutes.




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Glad we could help.

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Thank you



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