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Facebook audience ads not flagged by Malawarebytes

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These ads are THE worst, fullscreen ads that pop up irrespective of which app or browser you use, they pop up in their own browser apparently, Malawarebytes  does not flag it  for removal. Is there a Malawarebytes ADW version for Android, or does anyone know of a solution to remove this without having to factory reset? My kids have installed numerous apps on my mobile and I have no idea which app might be the culprit. I've uninstalled Facebook but it makes no difference. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

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Hi @dwight007,

These types of ads are usually browser related. This is caused by the way most browsers handle redirections executed by javascript code.  Most browsers don't do a great job of preventing these redirects, which also cause ad pop-ups.  Advertising affiliates are aware of this, and exploit this weakness.  Even if an advertising affiliate is shut down for using this exploit, they just come back with a different affiliate id and are right back at it.

The best way to block these pop-ups are to try a different browsers, disable javascript, install a browser with ad blocking (like Opera), and/or install Ad-block Plus.

If you encounter these pop-ups again, back out of them using Android's back key. Also, clearing your history and cache will help stop the ads from reoccurring.

If this does work, we can do further analysis to see if you can Adware on your device.  Just let me know.

Thanks for reaching out,


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I followed all the advice given by Nathan ( mbam_mtbr), and though I cant say with certainty exactly which step worked, I now notice that there are no ads. I believe it was after installing Ad-block plus, which i had some difficulty in doing, that the ads terminated, as disabling javascript appeared to have no effect whatsoever. I also followed the advice I saw on another forum of opting out of ads which some European agency for data protection allows users to do, opting out of ads from some 100 + providers, which also apparently had zero effect on the pop up ads. In any case my problem appears to be solved, though i will keep an eye out should these extremely annoying ads resurface and report here accordingly. Thanks for the advice. Postscript: Actually in going to my phone just now to check which version of adblock plus i had installed i opened the app and saw  the following message " you need Samsung Internet, Before you can use Adblock Plus, you must install Samsung internet 4.0 or above." with an "install now" button, so perhaps adblock plus was not in fact the decisive factor. I had searched for adblock plus but could not find it in the Play Store (i'm in Spain) nor could i install it manually from the web, so i opted for adblock for Samsung as being the closest related app , even though my device is a Huawei P20 Pro . I was able to install the adblock Browser however. The other thing I did was instruct my kids to remove at least 50% of the more than 100 apps they had installed. It occurs to me that what i have written may not be at all helpful to other with this annoying problem, given that i can't say which of the myriad things I have listed above was instrumental in removing the ads, so apologies, but this is the best i can do just now

Kind regards,


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Another thing that I just remembered is another step i took which was deleting the Facebook app which was on my phone, which had no noticeable effect, so i then took the further step of permanently deleting my Facebook account, which Facebook actually takes a month to complete, and at the time i ordered the termination Facebook advised that it would be effected on May 24th, which seems about the time I stopped seeing the ads, though this may be  either coincidental (correlation instead of causation) or me being wrong about noticing just when the ads stopped. Again, not very helpful, and probably not an option for those who may be more attached to their Facebook accounts than I was, but i wanted to give all the information just the same,



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