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My site is reported as blocked due to trojan

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Hello @BruceDenney and :welcome:

Without your site's URL, staffers will not be able to investigate further.

Below is an excerpt from the pinned topics in this sub-forum:

False Positive (FP), How to report - Please include: 1) Up-to-date analysis link to the VirusTotal.com URL scan result and 2) Screenshot of the FP block.

Thank you.

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Hello @BruceDenney:

2 minutes ago, BruceDenney said:

How do I know this is a false positive?

The VirusTotal report is an excellent beginning and will assist the Malwarebytes staffers to make an up-to-date determination.


Why is there nothing in th eproduct to help identify the cause?

As a volunteer and not a developer, this may be beyond the scope of the browser extension's size.


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There are a number of urls in the same domain that have the issue, I have posted them as separate reports as per the instruictions given.There are also a number of executable files on my support site for remote desktop access that are being flagged.




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OK. Complicated.

The first three items listed here had a Malwarebytes Premium block for Trojan activity.  The block has been cleared, but the database update  that clears it for Malwarebytes users is still pending.  Give it several hours for that.

The download links have been whitelisted, BUT you should verify that you can in fact download each of those files.  If you run into any issues, please let us know and we'll tweak the whitelist entry as needed.  Those should be usable in 15-30 minutes.

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