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Recommended VPN Kill Switch with Privacy VPN


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I need to install a standalone VPN kill switch application since Malwarebytes VPN does not have this feature.

Reason is that in last couple of days Privacy VPN connection dropped out.

Any recommended kill switch application that works fine with Privacy VPN?

I found one that I like but it mentions that it works with VPN TAP-drivers.

Did not want to use it before making sure that it works fine with Privacy.

So, any recommended and good Kill Switch apps to use with Privacy VPN?

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Hi @Lunar07,

Thank you for the feedback. Whilst I cannot provide any recommendations, I can let you know this is a feature request we are actively looking into and may implement in a future update.

In regards to your connection drops - could you provide a little more detail on this?

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Hi @LiquidTension

This occurred three times since April 27. I use the Dallas Server.

First time April 27. Second time last Thursday May 14. Third time just minutes ago (May 17)

So I switched to Chicago server now.

Connection just dropped and reverted back to the ISP IP.

First and second times I was browsing the web. Third time nothing in particular.

You definitely need to kill switch.

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Hello @Lunar07

Agreed and we have an entry in our development log so this is already on the list of features to add.

Thank you for your feedback

If you'd like us to review your logs to see if anything obvious is going on you can run the tool as linked by @LiquidTension and send it to me in a private message and we'll review for you.

Thank you again



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@AdvancedSetup This is great news.

I am about to jump ship from another full-featured VPN solution. Looking forward to the "VPN kill switch" implementation, which is essential in my opinion.

Had some MB Privacy VPN disconnects myself while just surfing the web. One server was Amsterdam, the other one Oslo. When the disconnects occured, immediate reconnect to the said servers was not possiible. Switching to another one worked instantly, though.

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