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Windows Powershell trojan

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Hello good morning I have a problem on my pc of a trojan caused by the windows power shell where my CPU and my disk are 100% used, I have tried in every way to remove this trojan anymore nor the Malwarebytes managed to detect the trojan


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Hi,  @PicaPau        :welcome:
My name is Maurice. I will be helping and guiding you, going forward on this case.
Let me know what first name you prefer to go by.


Kindly, do me a big favor.  do not use any "quote"  or "code" boxes as we go along   .....unless they are a absolute must.

Please know we cannot help without getting initial diagnostic reports, PLUS,  having the Malwarebytes history logs.


Please follow my directions as we go along.  Please do not do any changes on your own without first checking with me. 
If you will be away for more than 3 consecutive days,  do try to let me know ahead of time, as much as possible. 
Please only just attach   all report files, etc  that I ask for as we go along.

I would appreciate  getting some key details from this machine in order to help you forward.
 NOTE: The tools and the information obtained is safe and not harmful to your privacy or your computer, please allow the programs to run if blocked by your system.

Do have patience while the report tool runs.  It may take several minutes.  Just let it run & take its time.  You may want to close your other open windows so that there is a clear field of view.
Download Malwarebytes Support Tool
    Once the file is downloaded, open your Downloads folder/location of the downloaded file
    Double-click mb-support-  to run the report
        You may be prompted by User Account Control (UAC) to allow changes to be made to your computer. Click Yes to consent.
    Place a checkmark next to Accept License Agreement and click Next
Now click the left-hand side pane "I do not have an open support ticket"

    You will be presented with a page stating, "Get Started!"
    Do NOT use the button “Start repair” !   But look instead at the far-left options list in black.

    Click the Advanced tab on the left column
    Click the Gather Logs button
    A progress bar will appear and the program will proceed with getting logs from your computer.  Please do have patience.  It takes several minutes to gather.
    Upon completion, click a file named mbst-grab-results.zip will be saved to your Desktop. Click OK
    Please attach the ZIP file in your next reply.

Please know I help here as a volunteer.  and that I am not on 24 x 7.
Help on this forum is one to one.   Again, please be sure to ONLY attach report files  with your reply (s)  as we go along.  Do not do a copy / paste into main body.

Thank you,

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Thank you for the report.   Scans run with Malwarebytes for Windows reported no malware.

I am a bit curious,  this pc has Norton Security.   Have you recently done a scan with Norton Security ?


I  would suggest to download, Save, and then run Malwarebytes ADWCLEANER.
Please close Chrome and all other open web browsers after you have saved the Adwcleaner and before you start Adwcleaner scan.
Adwcleaner  detects factory Preinstalled applications too! 

Please download  Malwarebytes AdwCleaner  https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/adwcleaner
Be sure to Save the file first, to your system.  Saving to the Downloads folder should be the default on your system.

Go to the folder where you saved Adwcleaner. Double click Adwcleaner  to start it.
At the prompt for license agreement, review and then click on I agree.

You will then see a main screen for Adwcleaner. ( if you do not see it right away, minimized the other open windows, so you can see Adwcleaner).
Then click on Dashboard button.
Click the blue button "Scan Now".

allow it a few minutes to finish the Scan.   Let it remove what it finds.
NOTE:  When it comes to the section "
Pre-installed applications

You can skip that.
Please find and send the Adwcleaner "C" clean report.
In Adwcleaner, click the "Reports" button.  Look at the list of reports for the latest date & type "Clean".
Double Click that line & it will open in Notepad.   Save the file to your system and then Attach that with your reply.

That C clean report will be the one with the most recent Date and time at folder  C:\AdwCleaner\Logs
Thanks.  Keep me advised.

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Kindly advise me,  just WHY do you keep putting your replies the way you do?

Could you just do plain typing into the reply box.   Just do not click on "quote"  or "code"   but just do plain typing directly into the reply box of this forum.   Thank you in advance.


The Adwcleaner found a few adwares.


I would suggest that you do a scan with a scan tool from ESET  to just only scan the C drive.

I would suggest a free scan with the ESET Online Scanner
Go to https://www.eset.com/us/home/online-scanner/

Look on the right side of the page.  Click Scan Now

It will start a download of "esetonlinescanner_enu.exe"

Save the file to your system, such as the Downloads folder, or else to the Desktop.

Go to the saved file, and double click it to get it started.

When presented with the initial ESET options, click on "Computer Scan".
Next, when prompted by Windows, allow it to start by clicking Yes

When prompted for scan type, Click on Custom scan    ( the choice on far-right side)

We want just the C drive to be scanned.

In the display "Select custom scan targets"  keep the top 3 lines ticked,  plus the one for the C drive   ( which should be your Windows drive)

UN-tick the other drives   ( D, E, F,   etc...)

Then click on the blue button "Save and continue"

Leave as is   the radio selection "Disable ESET to detect and quarantine potentially unwanted applications"   and click on Start scan button.

Have patience.  The entire process may take an hour or more. There is an initial update download.
There is a progress window display.
You should ignore all prompts to get the ESET antivirus software program.   ( e.g.  their standard program).   You do not need to buy or get or install anything else.
When the scan is completed, if something was found, it will show a screen with the number of detected items.  If so, click the button marked “View detected results”.
Click The blue “Save scan log” to save the log.  Look for it on the bottom left, in bleu.

If something was removed and you know it is a false finding, you may click on the blue ”Restore cleaned files”  ( in blue, at bottom).
Press Continue when all done.  You should click to off the offer for “periodic scanning”.

The goal here is to see if there are suspicious or actual threats on the C drive.


NOTE:   When we get to being close to the end of the case,  I can provide you tips about upgrading this Lenovo to Windows 10 from Microsoft  at no cost.

That would give the equivalent of a new "engine"  for this Lenovo.    But first,  the system needs to be checked out.

We cab do more later.

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Olá. Bom Dia  / Boa Tarde.
Obrigado pelo relatório. Esse resultado é muito bom.
Como está a situação neste momento?

Faça uma verificação personalizada completa com o Malwarebytes for Windows.
Essa varredura especial levará várias horas,
Inicie o Malwarebytes para Windows.
Agora olhe para o painel central "Scanner" e clique apenas em um local geral ou espaço em branco lá. Queremos ver uma lista de subopções.
Na próxima tela, olhe para baixo na parte inferior e clique em Scanners avançados (na parte inferior)
Então olhe no meio para o "Custom Scan". lá, clique em "Configurar verificação"
Uma vez na janela inicial de verificação personalizada, a caixa de seleção para "verificar rootkits" fica desmarcada.
É necessário clicar na caixa de seleção para que "Rastrear rootkits" esteja ativado.
É necessário escolher (marcar) a letra da unidade a ser digitalizada. Você quer ter certeza de marcar a caixa C .... a unidade C.
Em seguida, clique no botão Digitalizar. Tenha muita paciência.
Quando a fase de digitalização estiver concluída, verifique se Revisa e tem todos os itens de linha detectados marcados em cada linha à esquerda. Isso também é muito crítico.
Em seguida, clique em Quarentena selecionada.
Em seguida, localize o relatório de execução de verificação; exportar uma cópia; e depois anexe sua resposta.


See https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038479194-View-Reports-and-History-in-Malwarebytes-for-Windows-v4

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I hope you are doing well.

If you see some message or window that mentions "trojan"  than we need to know which program and how.

It would also help to have a screen image copy of what you seen on your screen monitor.

Use the following how-to article  ( "take a Screenshot on Windows" )


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