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Amazon Music download blocked


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Amazon Music downloads are being blocked by MBG:


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@exile360 Please try it again in 15-30 minutes to see if my partial block worked.  I was blocked for suspicious download in both Firefox and Chrome.

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6 minutes ago, exile360 said:

I tried it again, this time in Iron (Chromium based) and it was blocked; oddly it was no longer blocked for me in Firefox so I'm not sure what the problem is there.

PS, Thanks for the Floyd.

Just checked, Already had that one, Aww Shucks.



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Hehe, you're welcome :)

Yep, redownloading my music library from Amazon onto my new rig (I love their DRM-free MP3s).  Unfortunately I've also run into an issue where Amazon lists some albums it won't let me download for some reason where the download link is greyed out for them and I'm not sure why.  I'll have to dig and verify whether these are albums I've purchased or not (I believe they are but it's a big library that goes back years).

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@exile360 I modified the text string just now, so try it again in 15-30 minutes.

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@exile360  I tweaked the string again.  Try it out (after 15-30 minutes).  When it comes to some of the CDN-based services, its hard to know how generous/careful I need to be.

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