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MBAM problems with RDP and console session

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When installing MBAM and enabling protection on a box you administer via Remote Desktop, there seems to be a bug in MBAM. Specifically, after you register and enable protection, you receive the following *if* you are connected to the box via RDP and are on the console (Session 0) (e.g. RDP with the /admin or /console switch).

"[CreateService] Failed to perform desired action. Error Code: 1073"

The fix is to log on to the actual console and install MBAM and enable protection. However -- if you then log on via RDP to the console session after protection is enabled, you will receive a pop-up window saying the MBAM service stopped unexpectedly. This is caused when the task tray mbamgui.exe app launches. The fix is to run msconfig and remove the mbamgui.exe from running in the Startup tab. After doing this, the service seems to stay running even when logged in via RDP on the console, and manually launching MBAM seems to result in no errors.

This does seem to be a particularly annoying bug in MBAM.

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Yes this is a known issue but the install can actually be done via RDP and if someone is physically at console 0 when they logon you will not get this error.

We're still working on trying to correct this behavior but as said there is no current time frame for a fix.

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