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Malwarebytes for Kindle Fire HD 8" 7th ed??????

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I have found 2018 references in forum to a 'malwarebytes app' in Amazon Appstore, and reports of people successfully using it, albeit seemingly on older models of Fire. 

However, I can find nothing of this kind in Appstore on my Kindle.  Have I missed something between 2018 & now which means M'bytes can't be made to work on later Kindle Fire?  (Only just signed up to a premium sub, so am just putting M'bytes on devices).  Anything happening  to enable M'bytes on Fire??  Any workarounds??


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All of Malwarebytes' current offerings for home users can be found on this page.  I am not aware of any Amazon app store availability, however I do believe that since some Amazon devices run a version of the Android operating system, the Android version of Malwarebytes is likely what was being installed.  Additionally, Malwarebytes Browser Guard should install on any version of Chrome (or pretty much any other Chromium based browser as long as Chrome plugins are supported by it) as well as Mozilla Firefox, though it is only officially supported on specified platforms/operating systems (we have several users running Malwarebytes Browser Guard on Android even though it is not officially supported at this time).

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  • Staff

Hi @wac65,

Message from our support staff:

We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Malwarebytes app was removed from the Amazon store due to changes in Amazon's requirements. We are evaluating options for bringing the app back to the store.

Continue to periodically check the Amazon store for Malwarebytes availability.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Once again, our apologies,


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