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The last I heard Malwarebytes for Android should work with other apps installed, however given the limitations on the platform with regards to permissions restrictions/access as well as the relatively small number of threats targeted at the platform (not to mention the performance hit of running more apps constantly in the background), only a single anti-malware solution should be necessary to keep the device safe.

In fact, even on Windows the Malwarebytes Premium software alone should be sufficient, though users are free to run a third party AV alongside it if they so choose as most are compatible with it.

I hope that helps to clarify things a bit.

If there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know.


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Hi @EPL,

Yes, you can run other mobile anti-malware scanners alongside Malwarebytes.  But as @exile360 stated, you'll see a performance hit.  Especially if they both scan at the same time.  

Exile360 appropriate all the help!  I just want to address one thing you stated with some stats:

On 5/9/2020 at 12:06 PM, exile360 said:

relatively small number of threats targeted at the platform

In our Malware Intelligence System, we process 15k-25k potential malware samples daily.  We detect over 23 million apps in the system. And we see thousands of apps detected on the Malwarebytes for Android client daily.

By no fault of your own, there seems to be a very common misunderstanding that there is a lack of malware targeting the Android OS.  This simply is not true.  This misunderstanding has led to many people thinking that an anti-malware scanner is not necessary on mobile.  It's a misunderstanding that has been propagated through "security experts" on various articles.  This is a misunderstanding that I have been an advocate against as a mobile malware researcher for nearly ten years.  I do this through my blog writings on Malwarebytes Labs, and here on the mobile forums.

Again, I very much appropriate all of your help on the forums.  I just wanted to clarify this for you since it's a very common misunderstanding, even among people in the security industry itself.

Thanks for understanding!


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Thank you for the correction.  I was not aware that there were so many threats targeting Android these days, but it does make sense given its current popularity and with everyone going mobile and using their phones, always connected to the web.  It stands to reason that the bad guys would target this platform as it increases the number of potential victims and thus their profits.  That also explains why we have seen so many threats targeting Chrome (including many PUPs/hijackers/adware, and of course the usual exploits and other malware) since the browser is the most popular these days (again, largely due to the prominence of Android devices).

I guess I've spent too long thinking of Android OS as being statistically similar to Mac OS, but that obviously is no longer the case.

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1 hour ago, exile360 said:

I guess I've spent too long thinking of Android OS as being statistically similar to Mac OS, but that obviously is no longer the case.

You're far alone in this thought.  Still a lot of people in the industry think this is the case.  However, having personally seen mobile malware exponentially raise year over year, it's a completely different threat landscape then it was when the Android OS was introduced.  It certainly has kept me busy through the years! 😂

Thanks again for understanding,


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