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Settings App on Windows 10 does not open

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The settings application on windows 10 does not open for me. It has the icon display on a blue screen before it automatically shuts down. This problem only exists on my current user, and if I reboot in safe mode or with a different user it works. Here is the latest malware scan report. Some help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Hello, Welcome to Malwarebytes.
I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.

If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.

Can this help.


Keep me posted.

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I have tried the steps in that article. When I did a sfc scan, some corrupted files were repaired; however the settings app still did not open. When I tried to reinstall all microsoft packages, I got an error and I can't run the ms-settings app either.

Screenshot (11561).png

Screenshot (11562).png

Annotation 2020-05-07 143215.png

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Repair these services.

Boot with Safe Mode with Networking. Execute the following.

Please Download Tweaking.com - Windows Repair from Here

  • Install and then run the program
  • Execute the instructions on Step 1 Important
  • Click Next on Step 2 Optional, do the Pre Scan skip Step 3 and 4 Optional for now.
  • On Step 5 Backup System Restore Do a Registry backup. When you have completed this click Next
  • Click Repairs - Open Repairs in the bottom right corner
  • Uncheck the All repair button then select just the item(s) listed below

  • 01 - Repair Registry Permissions
    03 - Reset Service permissions
    04 - Register System Files
    05 - Repair WMI
    10 - Remove Policies Set By Infections
    16 - Repair Windows Updates
    20 - Repair MSI (Windows Installer)
    25 - Restore Important Windows Services
    26 - Set Windows Service to Default Startup
    27.02 - Repair Windows 8/10 Apps Store (Completely Reset Apps Store)
  • Click the Start button and let the process run to completion. Copy any error messages into Notepad, Save it on your Desktop. ( Reboot if asked to do so)
  • Please copy and paste the Contents of this file on your next reply.


Restart the computer normally.

How is the computer running now?

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  • Root Admin

Personal note: If you have to resort to using this tool you would be well served to back up your data to an external drive and reinstall Windows. In the long run you'll have a much more safe and secure system than resorting to this type of repair.


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The parsing points need to be repaired.

You already have the program just run the program 

 Disable all your antivirus and antimalware software - see how to do that from here

- Right click on QfBzvq1.png and select Run as Administrator (XP users just double click) to start Windows Repair All-In-One.
(Windows Vista/7/8 users: Accept UAC warning if it is enabled.)

- A window will appear. Click Step 2.

- Click the Open Pre-Scan button, then click Start Scan. Wait for Windows Repair to finish scanning.

- Depending on which error Windows Repair found, click Repair, Repair Reparse Point or Repair Environment Variable accordingly. When the button changes to "Done!", click the close button to return to Windows Repair.

- Go to Step 3, then click Check in the See If Check Disk Is Needed.

- If Windows Repair stated that errors are found, click Open Check Disk At Next Boot. Choose (/R) Fixes errors on the disk also locate bad sectors and recovers readable information, then click Add To Next Boot. Reboot the computer to let Windows check the disk. https://i.imgur.com/Ymy7crZ.png

- Go to Step 4, then click Do It.

- Go to Step 5. Under System Restore click Create.

- Go to Repairs and click Open Repairs. Leave all checkmarks as they are, then click Start Repairs.

- By default Windows Repair All-In-One will create a "Logs" folder in its folder on the Desktop. Please post the contents of the log in your next reply.


Let me know if the problem is solved.

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