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Hows things going Porthos


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I work from home so no change there. I have an adult son who has a food service job and is fully employed due to the drive thru.

He does the shopping. Only time I have left the house is about once every 3 weeks for a doctors appt.

My clients still bring computers to me if needed. Have plenty of PPE and disinfectant. No food shortages and plenty of toilet paper. 🤣


City leaders say there are 1,477 confirmed positive cases in San Antonio as of 6:15 p.m. on May 1. A total of 48 people have died related to the coronavirus, and 683 people who had the virus have fully recovered.

  • Governor Abbott's order for a "phased in" reopening of the Texas economy is already underway.  You can find more information about that here. He also announced that schools will stay closed for the remainder of the school year.
  • Per city orders, most San Antonians now have to wear a mask or cloth covering in public areas where social distancing is difficult or not possible. Click here for more information.

Basically when someone wants to go to a store you must wear a mask.


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Never did understand the toilet paper rush we had here lol Scared people can do unrational things. I think they had been watching too much "the walking Dead" .There was talk of diarrhoea being one of the symptoms at the start. But whats wrong with a shower hose. Our anscestors this side of the pond and yours didnt have toilet paper, its a luxury item .  KIng Henry 8th just used a ferret. lol

You had the gold rush, we had the toilet paper rush.

Havent really had problems with food. PPE , hand sanatiser, and masks is a problem. Our manufacturing base has been desimated over the years. We rely too much on imports, here. I have said this for years, as i was a mechanical enginner and could see what was happening in the engineering factories.

My wife and i work from home as well( online shop). I know i shouldnt, but sometimes i feel a bit jealous of the people who cant work from home. All the DIY projects i could be doing LOL ( hardware stores starting to open here).

We are not in a city so relativley safe, i think.  Doctor appointments done via video here, mostly.

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