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Borderlands3.exe being detected as Ransomware


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This hasn't been a problem until all of a sudden about an hour ago, after more than a hundred hours of play over several weeks, including about three hours today, Malwarebytes just decided it's ransomware out of the blue.

This is a legitimate copy of BL3 from the Epic store, no mods or other 3rd party programs are installed.

If I access the item storage in the game and remove an item from my inventory either by selling it to an in game vendor or putting it into in game storage, Malwarebytes decides the game is ransomware and quarantines the game crashing it instantly. This has happened four times in a row so far, and after more than one restart. I've done this quite a few times today before this started happening taking things out and putting them into my inventory without issue. Selling off items is a normal part of the gameplay loop and I've probably done it more than a dozen times today before this started happening.

It has reliably been interacting with the inventory that has caused the crash, it is always removing items that causes it.

It forces me to restart my PC before I can restore the .exe.

I whitelisted the .exe and Malwarebytes ignored it and continues to shut down my game in the middle of playing it if I try to move things out of my inventory.

My only recourse is to disable Malwarebytes to play.

There's a Reddit thread of someone else with the exact same issue with a rep replying that they will look into it, but that was 20 days ago and the issue is apparently still a problem. https://www.reddit.com/r/borderlands3/comments/g082cd/antivirus_thought_bl3_was_malware/

This needs a hotfix ASAP.

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False positives do happen, For now just add it to the allow list. It is the weekend and most of the staff are off.

It sounds like Ransomware Protection is analyzing the behavior and that's likely what is causing the issues.  Ransomware Protection is more reactive than proactive in that it analyzes the behavior of processes and threads in memory after they are already running to look for possible ransomware behavior (such as deleting backups, attempting to encrypt files etc.) however you should be able to exclude the process that it is getting stuck analyzing and that should prevent the issue in the future as long as the file itself has the same name and path/location.  To exclude it, follow the instructions under the Allow a file or folder section of this support article and select the option to exclude the item from detection as ransomware.

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I already did allow it, and it still quarantines the game's .exe file.

It is on my whitelist and it quarantined it anyway. This happened twice since I added it.

I checked my whitelist after the second time it happened after I added it thinking it didn't take when I allowed the file, and again before I made this post, and the .exe for the game is indeed listed there.

It isn't sending the file to quarantine when I launch the game, I have to do something specific in game to trigger it. Removing items from my inventory to store them or sell them causes it. It also isn't instant as for some reason it doesn't kick me out of the game and quarantine it until after I've moved a few items out of my inventory either to sell them or to store them.

I'll move 3-5 items and the game will freeze and crash when Malwarebytes decides to quarantine it again.

The only thing that has worked is to disable Malwarebytes while I play Borderlands 3.

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