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Am I supposed to have the latest version?

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For Malwarebytes for Android, I started with the free premium trial from Google Play Store. That's updated 12/13/19. 

Then on 04/29/20 I purchased the premium license through Malwarebytes' site, which only had a button that sent me straight to Google Play Store.  There was some confusing stuff after that, since all I could do was "open" the app, and after I navigated back to Malwarebytes' site, I find a page that want's me to enter my license key, which I don't have.  Then I get the email with it and try to enter it but get an error that says that key is already registered.  I flounder around between the MB site, my email, and the app on my phone, and eventually see an MB site page that shows my license key propagated and has an activate button, which I hit, and that sent me back to Google Play Store, and I open the app again, and the app says I now have premium...or something like that...all I'm sure of is, now, it was a hell of a runaround and much unexpected.  Your Helps say I have to enter that license key on the MB site, but I didn't. 

Anyway, according to my phone, the app is still  Play Store still only has that one.  But I see from MB's Android and Chrome Guide that the latest version is updated 04/16/20.  The release notes mention a fix for a few specific phones, so I'm thinking maybe my phone isn't involved and "it" just won't bother to update me for that.  But from 04/06/20 mentions an unspecified security upgrade.  Which sounds like it could be for everyone, so why not me?  The only updates I'm getting are the malware and phishing databases.  On a Samsung A20 with Android 9.

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