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What is "endpoint domain information" in the privacy policy

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Hey all,

I have read through other posts in here about the event to which Malwarbytes can see browsing history/URL. I thought I generally understood it but under https://www.malwarebytes.com/privacy/ where it says "license" it states that you collect "endpoint domain information."

What exactly is this? I assumed it is not the domain information of the user's browsing history, but just wanted this confirmed.

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That reference to the endpoint domain info has nothing to do with web browsers/browsing history; it's just explaining that Malwarebytes checks whether or not the PC is joined to a domain, which might indicate that it is running in a business environment (since things like joining a domain, using Active Directory and some other factors can indicate the presence of a corporate network/infrastructure), at least that is my understanding of it.  It references this in the section discussing how it collects and uses/determines the correct license data for the device/Malwarebytes installation.  In the explanation on the right of that section it explains the following:

So we can remind you when your Malwarebytes subscription is about to expire or to determine the correct license type. We may use such license data in conjunction with other software collection to assist you in resolving licensing issues.

I believe that specific underlined text is what they use domain info to help determine by attempting to determine if the endpoint should be using a home user license or a business product/license, at least that is how I interpret it based on my reading of it; a member of staff may clarify and I concede to their first-hand knowledge if my interpretation is not accurate.

I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might help with please let us know.


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@D56 the response above from @exile360 is correct.

When running Malwarebytes 4 the "Endpoint domain information" is what the program looks at to determine whether Malwarebytes is installed on a machine that is connected to a domain (e.g. typically a business domain.) It has nothing to do with browsing history or web traffic / website domain addresses.

Hope that helps! 

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