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Question about Malwarebytes Browser Guard and uBlock Origin?


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18 hours ago, blanco said:

Thank you @digmorcrusher. I wonder why do you turn off Ads/Trackers blocking in MBG?

Also, do you know other similar extension that can complement itself well with these 2? do you use the default settings in ublock origin?

Because UBO already blocks ads, I am of the belief that you should only have one extension per purpose. eg. 1 ablocker, etc. Others may or may not agree. Plus I also believe that more extensions you have in your browser the more your attack surface increases.

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I'm currently using Malwarebytes Browser Guard, uBlock Origin, Ghostery, Disconnect, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, HTTPS Everywhere, Nano Defender and uBlock Origin Extra in addition to Web Protection in Malwarebytes Premium and a massive HOSTS file currently containing almost 1 million entries and counting.  I do not see any issues or performance impact using these together, all fully enabled.

As for attack surface, I'm not too worried about a blocking browser extension being leveraged in an attack, both because extensions are sandboxed within the browser (a security measure implemented in modern browsers), and because it wouldn't make much sense for attackers to target the kinds of extensions used by those who actually know the risks of online threats and ads and use such tools to enhance their safety/browsing.  That would be like the bad guys trying to use your AV to infect you.  Is it possible?  Certainly, but not very likely.  The bad guys typically target the largest groups/most commonly used applications so that they can infect as many as possible when the objective is extortion (i.e. ransomware, tech support scams etc.) or scamming money (phishing scams, bogus products etc.) in order to gain the most profits.  On the other hand, targeted attackers going after high value targets (such as businesses, websites/servers, government and infrastructural targets etc.) would not target such a plugin/extension because such extensions are not often used in such environments and there are much easier ways into a system (remember, those extensions are sandboxed and the browser runs in a limited user mode with no admin privileges by default) to achieve full access/control over it.  This is why we continue to hear about hacks and data breaches all the time, yet very rarely observe anything super nasty like backdoors and the like these days on most consumer devices (usually the worst thing I see is ransomware, which typically gets in through an exploit, typically from a malicious ad ironically enough (and the ad is likely to be blocked by one or more of the aforementioned extensions of course, rendering the exploit harmless to those who use such blocking tools) or malicious email attachment).

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i use the "chrome" browser exclusively on my windows 10 computer and the extensions that i use with it are "adblock plus" and "scriptsafe," along with "malwarebytes browser guard."  i also use the "disable html5 autoplay (reloaded)" and "easy webrtc block" extensions.

i have never tried using the "ublock-origin" extension. it was intended to be a substitute for "adblock plus" but "adblock plus" has always worked fine for me so i choose to stick with using it. they both use the same blocklists.


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I used to use Adblock Plus myself for a long time.  It's an excellent extension.  I only switched to uBlock Origin due to Adblock Plus' new direction of catering to 'acceptable ads' (i.e. sponsored/paid ads that pay Adblock Plus to exclude them unless the user goes into the settings and opts out so that all ads are blocked; something most users would not know to do).  Is it malicious?  No, of course not; but it is shady.  I much prefer Malwarebytes' far more aggressive stance on blocking, but of course you're using them in tandem so you reap the benefits of each just as I do.

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