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Build is back! - Ion Fury picks up where Duke (should have) left off

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For fans of classic games like Duke 3D (and ignoring the horror that was Duke Forever), Blood and Shadow Warrior (among many others) that were developed on the Build engine will be thrilled to see that 3DRealms is at it again with Ion Fury, a classic Build style FPS featuring Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison, a character originally developed as a concept for Duke Nukem 3D that was never actually used.  She's a bada$$ b!t@h with big guns and a wisecracking personality and she knows how to make bad guys go boom!

As with most classic Build engine games, Ion Fury relies on lots of firepower and fast movement (2 elements sadly lacking in most modern 'realistic' FPS games and the reason that I tend to stick to the older Quake III and UT titles personally because I play games to move like I've got superpowers, not to feel like I'm constantly stuck in mud while some jerk snipes me with a headshot from across the map) so it isn't for the feint of heart, but if you are looking for a real challenge and fast-paced action with all the explosions you can handle, then give it a try.  It's available on Steam and GOG and you can check it out on their website: http://www.ionfury.com/

The game is full of enemies to blow away, secrets to find and is absolutely overflowing with 90s nostalgia, references and jokes that fans of PC gaming should get a kick out of.

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