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Is this Forum basically Users helping each other?

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It's undeniable that data and identity security are vital, and this means acting quickly after a breach.

It takes about 10 minutes for crims to start utilizing stolen bank account details for attacks or money laundering.

If this is a serious product and service, it needs an appropriately rapid response time with reliable advice.

Hunting through FAQs is not appropriate. Relying on fellow users cannot be rapid.

I realize that there is a need for working Staff to not get involved with silly little issues and confused gripes.

However, reading this Forum, it seems the responses routinely and mostly come from say, two Users. That is a bit too tenuous for me.

Where would I get help in a crisis?



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Almost all staff members have other duties that require most of their time, so they aren’t available 24/7 to respond to questions here. That’s why they have recruited users like myself to help out during those times that staff is at home or involved in their other responsibilities.

If you insist on only communicating with the staff, then you must submit a support ticket at https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, but it is likely you aren’t going to receive immediate attention there either, as it’s the same staff, working the same hours as you’ll find here.

It’s been my experience that the other users that respond here are fairly quick and quite well versed to give reliable advise on the products found here. Obviously they cannot speak on-the-record for the company, quickly update the app or it’s definitions when something new is discovered, but those are extremely rare occurrences. 

There is a separate forum where you can upload suspicious files and applications directly which are watched more closely, for obvious reason, and with limited download access by malware expert users and staff.

If you are having an specific issue, one of us would be glad to help, but as for myself, it’s passed my bedtime, so I won’t be available for the next few hours.

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Thanks for your prompt response. (Btw, I'm not a in a crisis..just joined and scoping what's what.)

Background: TrendMicro had (has?) a laughable Help forum with mould-covered unanswered posts. 

~> I had noticed your *sterling efforts*. But it is not clear to me from your details that you have a semi-official role.

And ...what if you became unavailable in these times? 

Second point:  I'm in Australia, time difference etc:  "While you were sleeping...this happened."  Is there an Oceania forum?

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