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Problem with Winword.exe Shield


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I am experiencing a problem with build 164 that affects MS Word 2003. 

With MBAE running and with Winword.exe shielded there is a problem with double clicking DOC files to open them in Word.

Most often the first DOC file will open in Word - but thereafter attempting to open any other DOC file just hangs - and Word doesn't open - although Task Manager shows Winword.exe is actually running as a process, but no window is visible. These failed attempts to open DOC files just create additional Winword processes - but with no visible windows. 

After a long delay an error window appears with the wording "There was a problem sending the command to the program." - the window title just shows the full path to the DOC file - and Task Manager shows the error is coming from Explorer.exe.  

Starting Word directly via its shortcut is not affected (once any non-functional Winword processes have been closed in Task Manager) and DOC files can be selected and opened from within Word even when the shield is active.  

Disabling the Winword.exe shield in MBAE rectifies the problem.

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I have now traced the problem to an interaction with another security application that I was trialing - that application is the Free version of "0patch Agent" ( www.0patch.com ).

Either program running by itself works fine - but when both are running the problem with Winword.exe surfaces. Both applications are attempting to protect Winword in different ways - and also 0patch lists MBAE as something it is capable of protecting - although I am unclear if it is actively "patching" MBAE in the free version. Disabling the protection for Winword.exe inside 0patch doesn't seem to eliminate the problem - but disabling the shield for Winword.exe in MBAE does resolve the issue.  One additional observation is that the problem does not appear to affect Excel 2003 (XLS files) only Word 2003.

I will evaluate whether I wish to continue using 0patch as it is obviously capable of causing weird problems running alongside other protection software - and there may well be other hidden problems that might arise. Constructing a layered security software setup is not always easy and strange interactions and instabilities are to be expected from time to time.

Just to complete the basic info I am running Office 2003 Pro inside Win7 x64 (fully updated) with Malwarebytes v2.2.1 Pro and Avast Free Antivirus v20.2  

I consider this issue "resolved" at this time.

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Thanks for the added information and very nice detective work in determining the root cause of the issue :) 

I will be certain to make a note of your experience, the issue and your findings with regards to the 0Patch conflict to the Malwarebytes Product team so that they may work with the Developers to resolve this issue in a future release.

If there is anything else we might be of assistance with please don't hesitate to post.


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