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Working with Firefox and Chrome. No evidence of whitelisting present or needed.

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We have added new sources for questionable sites, and several of the blocks are also questionable. It is keeping me busy.

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Not blocked here in either browser, or on either computer.

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Very strange.  I was blocked last night on both Chrome and Firefox.

I went to sleep. 

Today I am not being blocked on Chrome.  I didn't change anything.  Something happened overnight.

Today I am still being blocked on Firefox.  I cleared my cache in Firefox.  Now I am not being blocked.

What could be causing this?  Why would it be working fine for a week and then all of a sudden be blocking that site?


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Caching can be a strange critter.  Anything we do in the background that I am not privy to can contribute.  Sometimes I think its just that time of century..

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No.  Yours was the only report of a block and I could not confirm it.  As a result, no whitelist entry has been created.

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Posted (edited)

OK.  Well... I guess I'll just add it to my whitelist so that this doesn't happen again.  I went to this site several times a week for over a year and had no problems.  Then it was blocked on 4/20 and again yesterday.  I don't understand how anything I could have done would have caused MBG to block the site for me.  Very strange.

If it is being blocked for reputation, which option do I have to turn off for this site?


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I'd go with SCAMS

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