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.biz sites false positives.


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Members of my company who use your Chrome extension are reporting having the following websites blocked:


I'm being asked if it's worth me providing you a list of ALL of our websites (even ones currently working) for whitelisting, in order to protect them in the future?

I'm guessing you only want affected URLs, but in the last week or so, I'm told two of the above domains became affected after the others. So this suggests we may see more of our sites become affected in the future.


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The first three sites listed here required whitelisting.  If your websites use .biz TLD, you might as well tell us all of them so we can test them.  You do run a high probability of encountering blocks.

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Hi and thanks for your response.

I'm told blockchaingamer.biz wasn't working, so even though it is working for you, can you add it to the whitelist anyway?

Our other .biz site is pocketgamer.biz, which is working, but if you could also add it to the whitelist, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help

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I'll be glad to add ones that need to be added, but I also don't want to cause bloat and any negatives that may end up resulting from said bloat.  I checked the other two sites in Firefox and Chrome.  They are accessible.  If a user reports them as otherwise, they probably need to upgrade their browse or Browser Guard to the most current build.

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