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what is this for device ?

I guess that is a Samsung S8 model, right ?

Is this device rooted ?

How long takes this examining ?

Are there any other security apps or other virus scanners installed on this device?
Is this realy a Samsung S8, please make a screen shot of it.
Please make a screen shot, after a examining with Malware-Bytes for Android of it, and post it here in this forum also.
How to make a screen shot, with Samsung S8 ?
that is the solution.
And which Android version runs on it ?
Well, you must answer that question.
Good Luck !
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Yes, Samsung S8.

Not rooted.

It runs for hours.

Android ver. 9

Here is screenshot. By the time we stopped it the count was up to 360000 and still counting.





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Well that is in my eys a srtrange behavior.

But please bring a little patience to what the experts can say.
I only do the preparatory work for the experts here .....
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Hello, thank you for your understanding a little bit to help further.

But now the experts are in demand here. To help you further. In your matter.
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Hi @lesborean,

Well, my first question was going to be if there were any non-Latin characters in the directory and/or filenames.  Obviously from the screenshot, that appears to be the case.  If not needed, it might be a good idea to delete those files.  You can do so using a file manager.  For example, ASTRO File Manager.

More importantly, if you could kindly submit a support ticket, we can get this case into the queue to give a deeper look: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


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