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Yes, the consumer build doesn't send email reports so it must be one of the business products.  I saw mention of the cloud platform having the ability to send out email reports to administrators, however I don't know enough about the business products to positively identify which specific product it comes from.

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I have a subscription to the Premium version 4.1.0 but didn't realize it was a business product. 

I did find a way to get to the detection history where it showed one RTP detection, time, date etc... and the web address in question but that appears to be the extent of information I could access.

Thank you

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If you open Malwarebytes and view a report (which I assume is where you found the additional info) and click on the option to export the report, then either export it to a text file or copy it to the clipboard to paste elsewhere, the resulting report/text file will include additional details not listed in the report within the Malwarebytes UI.

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I believe this is just an educational campaign to alert users to continue to keep their protection modules enabled and show other areas of the interface to view such details.



This report was generated automatically based on data that does not include any personally identifying information (PII)

This report is based on the number of threats by Web Protection during your Malwarebytes Premium subscription. Threats blocked by other protection layers are not included. For a more detailed picture of how Malwarebytes is protecting you, open Malwarebytes and click the Real-Time Protection panel.



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You are right, I was able to d/l some information into a txt file [copy attached] although it appears to only reference one detection and not the 16 mentioned in the report I received. It's not a big deal but I'm wondering if the 16 detentions reported were mine or a more generic statement from Malwarebytes. Regardless it's not necessary for you to expend and further energy on this issue although I do really appreciate your thoughts. Cheers


My thanks for "Advanced Setup" for clarification.

Thanks all for your responses.

Happy Easter 



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