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Hello @Erix

not sure if the version number posted in pin topic is correct or not but I’ve just update my version of Malwarebytes to latest beta and I do not see the same version posted in the pin topic of the section

so I see this

Version Information                               

Malwarebytes version                                                   Update package version             Component  package version

check for updates                                 1.0.22188                                      1.0.867

last update: 4/9/20 6:42 PM

however I see this version number

 Malwarebytes Beta version 1.0.875 component update

is there anything wrong ?

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1 hour ago, Erix said:

We want to reach out to you because we are rolling out a new Malwarebytes Beta version 1.0.875 component update

If you're on the beta version then yes that is the correct version

Malwarebytes version:
Update package version: 1.0.22188
Component package version: 1.0.875


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Hello @AdvancedSetup

it turns out that the beta update channel is disabled .thus because Windows system have been reinstalled afresh a few day ago due Malwarebytes crashes and for drivers issues . so thanks to you to remembering me on this and for help. :)

@Firefox double check and this option was disabled . so I toggle back on and Now the beta is installed . thanks to you for help and to remembering me . all good now :)


. but what about the date is not shown fully in the about page ?






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Hello @Soozy

Step 1:  Uninstall and reinstall using the Malwarebytes Support Tool but do not allow the program to reinstall after the reboot. Decline the install
Step 2; Download the Offline installer and use that to reinstall 
Step 3: Open Malwarebytes and activate the program and go to Settings, General and enable Beta updates and check for updates and restart the computer again.
Step 4: Let us know if you're still having issues or not


Thank you




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