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Suspect Malware - Bank card fraud

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Hi there,

I was checking my bank statement yesterday to see that €49 was spent that I didn't authorize. I called my bank and they confirmed it was a poker site. They cancelled my card when I told them it definitely wasn't me and there is no way someone had access to my card.


That led me to believe there is a RAT or keylogger or card stealer on my laptop.


I ran Malwarebytes on my laptop and the scan found nothing. I have attached the log. I have since upgraded to premium Malwarebytes, so hopefully it doesnt happen again.


I am well aware that you can encrypt malware to bypass anti-malware protection, so I am still not content that there is nothing on my laptop. Nobody has physically had my card for sure. It is either my laptop or phone, and out of the two, from my limited knowledge, laptop is much more likely.


As well as this, I have downloaded Farbar and run the scan. The required files are attached in this post.


I'd really appreciate if someone could take a look at the files for anything suspicious. 



MWB_SCAN.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt

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Hello, Welcome to Malwarebytes.
I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.

If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.

Your logs are clean.

Create strong passwords on Financial sites and others.
Make sure your Router is also protected with a strong password.

How to Create a Strong Password (and Remember It)

Check this also.
How to tell if my Wireless is secure.

Never post your card number in a message or on the NET.

If you must use it on a site make sure the site is secured.

Hope that helps.

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Is there a chance that it could be so sophisticated that it can't be picked up on?


The reason I say this, is that my dad got a letter from his bank yesterday saying that there was a suspicious attempt to use his card and that it has been blocked.


What makes that more alarming is, I live in a different country and his card probably hasn't been used on my laptop since October 2019.


What makes it EVEN MORE worrying is, the same thing happened last summer (again, we were living in different countries then too) . I factory reset my laptop. All seemed fine up until this week. Fraud committed on my card and an attempt on my Dads.


At this point, Ive came to terms that I need a new laptop. Its impossible to trust this device unless I find something and remove it.

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Very strange.

Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach

Have your father do the same.


If you do shopping on line make sure that the supplier's database has not been hacked.

This may not be your case but it worth reading.

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