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Windows 8 - slow to hibernate

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I was having the same issue lately. Instead of seconds suddenly it took minutes to get my laptop to go in hibernation. 

Then just minutes ago I found out why. To measure the difference in time it would take to just shut my laptop down vs closing the lid to let it go into hibernation, a message appeared on my screen saying something like Windows was waiting for a program to shut down. And that it was MailWasher. (Which had updated recently.)

So I changed a setting in my MailWasher (which was already set to not start up together with Windows) but now that it would no longer start minimized either. 

That solved the issue for me.

Of course in your and other's cases it might be a different program that is taking its long time to close. But maybe you can find out which program it is by choosing to just shut down and see if a message appears saying Windows is waiting for xxx program.

I'm using Windows 8.1 (with StartIsBack) but I suppose Windows 10 also gives that message in case a program is holding things up.

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Hello @LodeHere

I've split your post to it's own new topic as you had replied to a topic that was 5 years old and no one was following anymore.

Are you still looking for any kind of help with the PC or you were just wanting to post your feedback?



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