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Problem with instalation MalwareBytes

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Hi, I tried to install oculus aplication today (which was already installed but was deleted somehow) and I couldnt do it. I thought it might be a virus and I tried to download MalwareBytes but during instalation notification poped out and which said that instalation cannot be completed. I scaned my computer with 360 antivirus but it didnt find anything. I also cant use google chrome (Nothing happens when I try to search) . Any help would be really apriciated.

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19 minutes ago, Wiktor said:

I scaned my computer with 360 antivirus

You have 360 Total Security installed.  This application is known to prevent Malwarebytes from being able to install and function.  Removing it should allow you to get Malwarebytes installed.  Once that is done you may try reinstalling 360 Total Security and creating exclusions between the two applications but I do not know for certain that they will be able to work together.  The items to exclude in 360 Total Security for Malwarebytes can be found in this support article.  Be sure to exclude them from the real-time protection components in 360 Total Security.  You should also exclude 360 Total Security's program folder (most likely located under C:\Program Files and/or C:\Program Files (x86)) from Malwarebytes by following the instructions under the Allow a file or folder section of this support article and you should do the same for 360 Total Security's primary data folder which is most likely located under C:\ProgramData.

Please let us know how it goes and if the issue is resolved or not.

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