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Hello, I recently just performed a complete reset of my Dell XPS 15 9570 through a USB using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool on another laptop. Some virus/rootkit/hijacker has been changing my registry keys, accessing my accounts, modifying files, changing boot up settings, etc. After performing the reset, the problem still persists. I am receiving networking redirects, high memory usage, popups, and more on both my laptop and iPhone still. Any help would be great, thank you.


MalwareBytesScan.txt FRST_01-04-2020 01.16.48.txt Addition_01-04-2020 01.16.48.txt

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Repair these services.

Boot with Safe Mode with Networking. Execute the following.

Please Download Tweaking.com - Windows Repair from Here

  • Install and then run the program
  • Execute the instructions on Step 1 Important
  • Click Next on Step 2 Optional, do the Pre Scan skip Step 3 and 4 Optional for now.
  • On Step 5 Backup System Restore Do a Registry backup. When you have completed this click Next
  • Click Repairs - Open Repairs in the bottom right corner
  • Uncheck the All repair button then select just the item(s) listed below

  • 01 - Repair Registry Permissions
    03 - Reset Service permissions
    04 - Register System Files
    05 - Repair WMI
    10 - Remove Policies Set By Infections
    16 - Repair Windows Updates
    20 - Repair MSI (Windows Installer)
    25 - Restore Important Windows Services
    26 - Set Windows Service to Default Startup
  • Click the Start button and let the process run to completion. Copy any error messages into Notepad, Save it on your Desktop. ( Reboot if asked to do so)
  • Please copy and paste the Contents of this file on your next reply.


Restart the computer normally.

How is the computer running now?

Did you get all the Microsoft Security updates after  the computer was reset?

If not do it before running the Repair tool.

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Hello. I tried booting into safe mode with networking by holding down shift and restarting, then choosing to boot with safe mode and networking. However, once my laptop loaded and I logged into my account, it said that I was not connected to the internet, and also have no possible connections.

Under network adaptors inside of device manager, my Killer Wireless Network Adaptor driver says “Windows cannot initialize this device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)”.

I am therefore unable to download from Tweaking.com and complete your request, as I don’t have internet connection from my laptop. I am currently replying from my iPhone and decided to update you over this matter instead of attempting to modify things by myself and potentially mess something up.

Extra notes- When I open Windows Update in Settings, it loads indefinitely, with nothing popping up. When I open Windows Security through Settings, nothing pops up either. Under System Information - Storage - Problem Devices, my Detection Verification, Intel (R) Display Audio, Killer Wireless Network Adapter, and Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization Infrastructure Driver all failed because Window’s could not load the drivers required for the devices. Also, prior to resetting my laptop through the Windows Media Creation Tool, I noticed that VBScript code had been embedded in my WMI. This is one of the many other unauthorized changes made to my laptop as well, so if you have any questions, please ask and I’ll try to locate and give you the information. This is making me think that there may be a firmware root kit or a hijacker using some sort of remote access to my laptop.

Note- All information above is when I booted into Safe Mode with Networking.

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