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Mac Install Prevented by SPOD

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Am using a MacBook Air Early 2015 with High Sierra. (MacBook Pro is at a repair shop currently)

Safari and Google Search. Mac OS updates are current.

Google searches are being hijacked by a Bing result. Search Results often are slow, sometimes fail / blank.

Purchased Premium version for 2 Macs March 29, 2020.  

Download of Installer ( to was successful. 

Install was stopped by the SPOD ball, at the 'User Name and Password' drop-down window step, which resulted in a message 'Installer is trying to install new software' .  

Waited up to 20 minutes for SPOD to allow entry of Password, to no avail.

SPOD does not occur elsewhere on this MBA.

Your advice will be appreciated !

Thank you, Inverlee




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Hello Thomas,

                         Thanks for your suggestions which I have acted on. Tried Re-start a few times, so since I've spent a few hours so far on this issue I have tried my luck with M. Support, but I suspect that their warning / reply about a delayed response is the reality during this surreal Covid-19 time !

Inverlee, Toronto 

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One thing that seems to work for a few is to start up in Safe Mode (restart with shift key down) and run the installer there, in case you have some other 3rd party software loading that causes that issue. You will probably see some weird graphics behavior while in Safe Mode, but that's completely normal.

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