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Blue screen cause by Malwarebytes if web protection on.

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25 minutes ago, zorba said:

Hi Porthos:) I have tried using Malwarebytes Browser Guard  and had issues - That was the addon that  I was referring to.  Thanks again - Howard

The browser Guard should not cause any issues on its own. It is a great way to keep protected while the web protection is disabled in the main program.

Were you having with using the Browser guard while the main program was off? What were they?

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Hi Porthos:)

The crashes happened when both  the browser guard and  the web protection were enabled. Until now, I have tried testing  on a two to three week basis with both disabled  to see ifif there were blue screens. There have not been  any so far...

The next step is again to try a 2/3 week test with web protection disabled and browser guard enabled to see if this causes a crash. Hopefully it will not do so. 

I am currently  running the latest version of Malwarebytes.

It has crossed my mind that my older Dell 8350 desktop (16 gig ram) might no longer be able to cope with the amount of memory that Malwarebytes uses. Malwarebyte service currently uses 472.5 mb. Issues in the past re mwac.sys and mbam service.ex were resolved with updating the software. I do update regularly.

Apologies for not getting back to you earlier. To get accurate results, I need to test for 2/3 weeks not a few days. It is very slow but at least I can say with certainty that an issue is there.

Many thanks for your response - Howard

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37 minutes ago, zorba said:

Malwarebyte service currently uses 472.5 mb

I use about 302mb.

Keeping the web protection off is the only workaround other then reverting to an older version and disabling upgrades.

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