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Apple's Legacy System Extension warning

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Update (July 31, 2020): We have released version 4.5 of Malwarebytes for Mac, which replaces the kernel extension with newer technology that will be compatible with future versions of macOS. This will eliminate the messages described here. Note, however, that Malwarebytes for Mac will not currently install on macOS Big Sur betas! There are still some known issues being caused by bugs in the Big Sur betas, so we're not willing to risk the potential of catastrophic conflicts between the software and Big Sur. Once Big Sur is more mature and Malwarebytes for Mac has been fully tested on it without issues, we'll release a version that will officially work on Big Sur.

Today, Apple released macOS 10.15.4, which adds a new warning when kernel extensions are installed:


More information from Apple can be found here:


We are aware of this, and have been working on replacing our kernel extension since late last year. We plan to replace it with Apple's new EndpointSecurity framework before the release of macOS 10.16, when it is assumed that kernel extensions will no longer work, in part or in full. (We only know that Apple has said they "will not work without compromise" in "a future version of macOS." But we'd rather not find out the hard way exactly what that means.)

The kernel extension will continue to be supported for macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and earlier, but macOS 10.15 (and later) will no longer need it, once we have an update available.

So, no need to panic. We've still got your back, and won't let your protection falter. All you've got to do is make sure you're keeping Malwarebytes for Mac up-to-date. If you have updated to at least version 4.2, and have not disabled the new auto-update feature, it'll update itself in the background without you needing to do anything. To ensure you're up-to-date, just open Malwarebytes and choose Check for Updates from the Malwarebytes menu.


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Still totally usless information. Since March I have gotten this error on and off.

Goes away, comes back. Came back today.

Do the above, "You are using the current version of Malwarebytes"

So exactly **WHEN** will this be fixed? Maybe indicate the ACTUAL version it was fixed in if that is the case.

To have us find this, and just keep trying to update and get none is totally useless and moronic.

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I believe I read that it comes back every thirty days.

It should be fixed on or before the time when that "future version of macOS" is released. Not only do we not know exactly when that date is, as of today we don't even know what version of macOS will actually make the current version incompatible.

I would not expect Malwarebytes to have a "compatible" version available for you before whatever macOS becomes available for testing such a version. The whole point of this posting is to let you know you can safely ignore the warning as the developer is already well aware of the requirement. The only thing that now needs to be updated is that the next version of macOS is 11.0 and not 10.16, but even that may not be the OS that breaks things.

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11 hours ago, GGITech said:

So exactly **WHEN** will this be fixed?

i'd encourage actually reading the information before dismissing it as useless, as the answer is plainly stated:


We plan to replace it with Apple's new EndpointSecurity framework before the release of macOS 10.16

Apple regularly releases new major macOS updates every fall. We're assuming this one will be no different. If Apple delays it, that won't change our timeline at all.

We cannot give a specific date. If we do, and something happens such that we miss the date by even a few days, we get all kinds of rude messages, here in the forums and elsewhere. I'm sure you understand.

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