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False Positive - old LaunchBar Commander setup files

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I run a MWB scan every morning, and everything has always been fine using version 4 until today. Today it claimed to find two malware files that it classified as Malware.Generic 3739550040. The files were old setup files for a program I have used for many years, Launch Bar Commander. I don't need those files any longer, since I have a newer version of the program installed, and MWB didn't flag that setup file as malware. So I could just delete the two supposedly suspicious files and be done with it. But I have had those two files on my computer for a long time, and they've never been flagged as malware before. I decided to report the flagging here because I suspect that the problem is faulty detection and it may help MWB to be alerted to this. I looked to see what I should do, but the "read this before reporting" message doesn't provide any instructions for MWB 4.

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Thanks very much, cli, for your prompt response. I followed the instructions and have the report now in a txt file. Are you saying that I should attach the .txt file here, in this forum? And how can I include the samples being detected?  I know how to attach a file, but do you really want me to attach to a message on this forum two .exe files that could possibly be malware?

I'm sorry to seem so dense, but I fortunately almost never have these kinds of problems and hence do not have much experience dealing with such matters.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and continued help.

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