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I'm not sure what that code is for or rather what one should do with it,

would you mind explaining? :)

RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 4351

This applies to IE7 and IE8 B) .

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  • Staff

Sure :) . Just click Start and select Run then copy and paste the line in the code box into the Run box and click Ok :D . It is the same as clearing all your temporary internet files (including settings stored by add-ons) using the Internet Options menu. This is just a handy shortcut B) . I keep a .bat file with this command in it on the desktop so I can simply double click on it when I'm done surfing to clear out the browser cache :) .

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my equipment is more up to date, I'm at work now.. If I order equipment, its not a box with IE6. the account is already in the depot.

No info goes over except Send me 450 radios, via FedEx. (and there is a phone call involved) The equipment is owned by the state.

motorola programming is done off-line in DOS. Or Windows CPS. so we use what they give us. will look at sites for order numbers & repair part numbers. (thousands of them)

where the manuals are fading away, into .pdf files or on-line txt forms. Been in the business since I got out of the Army. If a hacker, wants in

on us, he can deal with the state, then up to the next level USDA... as always a gov't/state employee has his hands tied somewhere.

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