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Influence by AntiRansomware Beta on system performance


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I have a penchant for using old hardware (some call me tight-fisted).  I have three Windows 10 Pro 1909 systems each of which use Intel Core2 Duo processors with 4GB RAM. Two are on Toshiba Satellite Pro P200 laptops and the third is on a Dell Vostro 200. The laptops use 1.67 and 1.83 GHz processors and the Vostro a 2.0 GHz processor yet the 14 year-old Toshiba laptops go like scalded cats while the nominally faster Vostro feels sluggish. All three Windows 10 installations were performed by me from scratch and are very similar. The laptops run AntiRansomware Beta without any adverse effects on performance. I uninstalled AntiRansomware from the Vostro and it immediately perked up and felt much more responsive. All three systems have the latest driver software. All run the same applications. Hardware is the only difference so I guess that there must be some mismatch between AntiRansomware and the drivers on the Vostro.

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Hi @hake,

Thanks for the report.

What sort of areas are affected by the sluggishness? Please be as specific as possible. For example, are any/all of the following areas affected?

  • Startup
  • Shutdown
  • Opening/closing applications
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Installing new software
  • Interacting with Explorer

There's not much to go on at the moment, so we'll need to collect some additional information. Please start by running the Malwarebytes Support Tool and gathering logs:

Please do this on both the affected machine and one of the unaffected machines (and rename the generated files accordingly). Please attach the files to a new post.

Thank you!

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Good morning LiquidTension.  I have discounted MBARW being the cause for the simple reason that running timed benchmarks reveals no difference between using MBARW and not using it.  My impressions of the effects were only subjective and I apologise for wasting your time.

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