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Any plan to revert the UX/UI?


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I've been using MBAM for ... I honestly can't remember how many years it's been, but a long time. It had a clean interface and did the job it was meant to do. However, version four brought a new UX and UI that does not work (especially the UX) and requires more clicks per step and is counter-intuitive. I've been searching for an alternative app since I can't stand the UXUI that much. A loss of three licences may not be much, but I can't imagine I'm alone.

Any plans to bring back a reasonable interface, or once that's less Norton/McAfee and more MBAM?

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While things have certainly changed in the UI/UX recently, most functions should be accessible through the same or fewer clicks than previous versions, though there are sometimes multiple ways to reach a specific area of the UI/function so it may depend on which methods you are using the reach the functions in question.  It may help to familiarize yourself with the new layout by reviewing the information in the official Malwarebytes 4.x user guide located here.

Aside from that, if you could list any specific issues/functions you're frustrated with vs v3 that would definitely help.  Any feedback you provide will be submitted to the Product team for consideration and review, and while I cannot promise that things will be changed, they are always looking for ideas and feedback to make their products better so I definitely recommend providing details on any features/functions you're frustrated with in the latest UI/UX and I will submit your feedback for review by the team.


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