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answers to your question: 1. SAS & MBAM are friends!


pros & cons of SAS over MBAM
I'll let you look over the website & you compare!

3. There are quite a few who run mbam & sas with no problems. (exile360 is one off the top of my head)

As for SAS realtime protection of SAS, I haven't used the program in a yr. I don't recall issues, lets see if someone else has a comment?

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Yes I'll wait.

Hi srtools -

I do use both - I have found that S A S finds a few 'minor' things that MBAM may not be programmed for - :)

These are more like tracking and advertising cookies - :) - I don't think it has found many other major types of problems that MBAM will not -

I keep it just like a backup in case I have MBAM troubles like some others are having now - I think it does the 'same' basic jobs now - :)

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For most, I recommend only one or the other as they cover a lot of the same ground. I do use both in realtime though. SAS will find tracking cookies, but those are minor and not really a threat. In my experience I've found that for actual removals after a scan that MBAM seems more effective, but others may have different experiences. I do however recommend each product very highly. The only critical difference I can see at the moment is that SAS is not yet fully x64 compatible, which of course does not impact most users, but users such as myself it does. It's drivers aren't yet x64 compatible so it will not be able to scan for and detect/remove rootkits and its overall malware removal capabilities are somewhat limited in 64 bit versions of Windows.

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Ah yes the little bug that appears when you start up, I have never disabled it as that only seems to happen when I log in as admin.

Also I did not think you could disable it :blink:

I think I just keep it around as it makes me feel a little safer and it was only of the first things I DL'd to protect me.

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I guess it's handy to have a SAS license if you use the scheduled scans and automatic updates then :P . I'd use that realtime protection since you paid for it though, unless you've had issues with conflicts or slowdowns with it.

edit: for any daily scan I'd highly recommend MBAM over just about anything else, since it's much more efficient, and faster :) .

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Exile, since I use my Dell for work related issues as well, I have the paid version of every security program I have installed, and (this might sound a bit paranoic, I know :) ) but I run a daily quick scan with MBAM + a quick scan with SAS and now, as it's really quick, a quick scan with KAV, all scheduled on different times of course :P .

I'm still not sure whether the real time protection of SAS might cause conflicts with the other programs, so I leave it disabled for now.

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