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Account and Premium Subscription issue

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My Malwarebytes subscriptions had been somehow confused by, what appeared as separate accounts being formed. There seems No one entity where subscriptions purchased from Malwarebytes directly and other subscriptions purchased through Google (in my case) are consolidated, allowing the possibility of somehow allowing a customer to effectively manage them. Common sense would dictate that selling subscriptions from multiple sources should be tracked with a common system!!!

The further I am forced to dig into this Mess, the more confusing it becomes! I had three subscriptions, purchased from Malwarebytes directly (I Guess). Recently since there was No obvious need to have that many, I removed two, the third was due for renewal in a few months. I assumed the 2 Android devices I had covered with Malwarebytes Premium subscriptions must have been through Google related purchases. Yesterday, when attempting to add a third Android device using the temporary, I find that wasn't acceptable, but must require an immediate Premium purchase. Attempting to check my subscription status on one of the two Windows laptops I have shows I have NO Subscriptions at all !!!

How can Malwarebytes possibly run a business with No visible accounting for the subscriptions they've sold OR other "Authorized Sellers" have peddled at ridiculously inflated prices! I've reached a point, after Many, Many years as a Malwarebytes subscriber of going elsewhere! Trying to get a straight answer from someone at Malwarebytes has been empty!

I also had a "lifetime subscription" that seemed to have disappeared awhile ago, yet after several inquiries, Still have No Idea whatever became of that! If Malwarebytes is going to enlist other sellers, I suggest they at least do the central accounting and keep track of subscriptions, expiration dates, etc.


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Unfortunately I believe that because of the way that both Apple and Google manage software/the app stores for their devices it is impossible for Malwarebytes to provide license management for licenses/devices of those types (ChromeOS/iOS) outside of the official app stores for those devices.  This means that any purchases for such devices will be tied to the account you are signed into on such devices at the time of purchase.

For Windows devices you have the option of signing up for an account at My.Malwarebytes.com to manage your licenses/subscriptions, however it cannot be used for managing iOS/Google Play subscriptions/purchases, at least as I understand it, again because of how those two devices/companies use closed/controlled stores for software to install on such devices.

That said, I do believe that Malwarebytes keeps track of all current licenses/subscriptions/purchases for all devices, however I do not believe that they provide the public with access to that information/system, however they do use it to look up account info/licenses for users when a support request is made.  If you need assistance in looking up any of your licenses/subscriptions you may contact Malwarebytes Support directly by clicking the Submit a ticket link at the top of this page and filling out the web form to receive assistance from Support.

You may find the information in this support article to be of help as well as this support article if you need to add a license manually to your account (for your lifetime key for example) and there are articles related to installing, activating, uninstalling and cancelling licenses for iOS and ChromeOS devices throughout the official support site as well.

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Why do I show to license keys on my subscription?  One license key is for Malwarebytes premium that has an expiration date when I pay to renew.  The other license key is Malwarebytes 3.0 premium that shows lifetime access. Why are there two keys for malware bytes?

Rich Hartmann

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, richh said:

Why are there two keys for malware bytes?

How many computers/devices are you protecting?

1 hour ago, richh said:

The other license key is Malwarebytes 3.0 premium that shows lifetime access.

This one is good for only ONE Windows PC.

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