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Malware not detected by Malwarebytes

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When visiting cnn.com I continually get pop-ups for Adobe Flash Player and Norton Antivirus updates even though I have neither of these on my computer. I have a MacAir running iOS Catalina and I'm using Safari browser. I tried removing my cache and cookies but when I click Remove All, they immediately reappear, making me think I have an evercookie. I ran Malwarebytes but nothing was detected. If I avoid going to cnn.com I don't get the pop-ups so I'm sure it's tied to that specific website. I also get those pop-ups when I go to cnn.com on my iPad, so I'm now avoiding that website on all devices. My main concern is that I now have an evercookie hidden on my computer and I don't know how to get rid of it. Can you help? Thanks.

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I stand corrected!  After installing Ka-Block and then, once again, deleting my cache and cookies, they did not reappear.  I don't understand how that made a difference but as long as the problem is fixed, I'm a happy camper!  Thank you MaxBar1!  

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Yup, as you've found, this is due to the CNN website, not malware on your computer. Most likely, they were serving you a malicious ad that had gotten into their ad feed, and that ad was causing the pop-ups and other behavior. The fact that you saw the same behavior on your iPad is further evidence of this, as malware on iOS is quite rare and definitely does not cause this kind of behavior.

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