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Reference #115106930: Malwarebytes Premium

Ordered, purchased and downloaded MWB Premium on 2/22/2020.

Attempted installation of the premium package and received the following message:
“Malwarebytes can’t be installed on this disk. Installation failed.”
Tried the installation 3 times with the same result.

Thought a simpler version if MWB might be successful if in fact existing malware is prohibiting the Premium install so downloaded the free version on 2/23. Same result. Now  have the free version downloaded which apparently overwrote the premium one.

Cant get MWB installed. Please help.

For your reference I have a Mac running Yosemite 10.10.5 I have a 1TB SSD with 394 18 Gb free.

Sent in support ticket twice with no response


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Thank you MAXBAR1 and alvarnel! Both VERY good points of information. Would you suggest I go to El Capitan or try to download 3.x without having to pay again? Obviously I downloaded the wrong product. How can i contact MWB to get this straightened out? Thank you again! Thoughts?

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The link that Al posted will give you a download for a version that will work on macOS 10.10. Just a word of warning, though... 10.10 is quite old at this point, and cannot be considered secure. Running security software is a good precaution, but it's important to understand it's not a guarantee, so be sure to exercise caution online.

Regarding your support ticket, I don't see one that I can identify as yours, but please let me know if you haven't gotten a response by Monday. Be aware that there can be a wait, depending on ticket volumes and time (such as on a weekend, when there is reduced staff), and if the ticket wasn't identified at the time of submission as a Mac ticket it could be in the much longer Windows queue.

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1 hour ago, TENT said:

Thank you treed, would you recommend that i consider updating my OS instead? It might not be a bad idea.

If you are able to, that would definitely be a good idea. The newer the system, the better. The rule of thumb is that only the most recent version of macOS can be assumed to have no known vulnerabilities (known to Apple, anyway). However, be aware that you'll probably need to upgrade any apps that work in 10.10, but won't in newer systems.

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