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After completing my purchase of a 1 year subscription to Malwarebytes for my pixel 3 from Google play store, my attempt to create and access my account is still unresolved. I was notified that somehow, there IS no active subscription available for this device. I'm confused but press on. After searching endlessly and continuously, no answers are found. Emails to Google play store resolved nothing. Emails to developers go unanswered, still. A somewhat harsh review reveals what must be a joke. The response was this: your Google play subscription doesn't come with a license key. Confused? So, I pay for a subscription, can't access said subscription. Not a modicum of control or access to this app subscription I'm now into for a year. The description of the app makes NO mention of this and that's an unfair practice. I'm really hoping to find some misunderstanding on my part, or maybe the response was wrong. Upon every single Google search with any security parameters right at pole position is Malwarebytes with the paid for ad and ad free listing. Even my Google assistant pushes Malwarebytes suggestions at me when researching Android security subjects. What is NOT mentioned in any of these suggestions. Hustled by Malwarebytes maybe? The fact that I'm in a forum seeking advice makes me further feel like a tourist taken for my cab fair playing 3 card Monte, idiot! I knew this was a scam, a shil, and yet I believed this to be the honest hustler on the block. Getting beat by a dishonest slight of hand con-artist is not what happened here. What happened is unscrupulous and illegal in some states and it's called False advertisement. Whether this meets all the earmarks of any crime or not, I'm not sure. I do know I was led to believe that Malwarebytes was dependable, trustworthy and anything but another scam making fortunes from the disability checks of faceless people that were foolish enough to to believe that even 3 card Monte dealers can occasionally be trusted. I'm looking for suggestions and until I get an answer from Malwarebytes resolving this, I guess I'll continue using the gift disability and endless amounts of free time tagging scam, con, false advertising, etc with Malwarebytes all over the internet and every social media account dedicated to my new hobby possible. I'd prefer to access my account with Malwarebytes hands down. I really want my subscription account and access to this above any shinannigins.


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The account on the Malwarebytes site is only for purchases made on the Malwarebytes site.
The purchase made on the PlayStore is managed directly by Google and allows you to install the product on all your Android / ChromeOS devices connected to the Google account with which you made the purchase (subject to Google limitations); therefore a product key is not released.

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