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Just noticed a new app on my Mac. NG Player.  Googled it and it is Malware.

A scan by Malwarebytes did not pick it up. Do not know of any other way to report it.

Perhaps a more savvy person can.  Here is a copy & paste of the Google search. 

Hope this helps. 


How to get rid of NG Player Adware (Mac) - virus removal ...



www.pcrisk.com › removal-guides › 13570-ng-player-adware-mac
Oct 9, 2019 - Belonging to the InstallCore adware family, NG Player is a rogue application presented as a high-end media player. Judging on appearance ...
Name‎: ‎Ads by NG Player
Removal‎: ‎To eliminate Ads by NG Player our ...
Threat Type‎: ‎Mac malware, Mac virus
Description · ‎Removal · ‎Remove NG Player related ...


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Before you do anything else, please upload the NG Player app (or preferably whatever is in your Download folder that installed it) to: 


where the staff and vetted Malware Hunters will be able to analyze it so that Malwarebytes will pick it up for others in the future.

Safari prevented me from accessing the site you posted, which should tell you something about it, but I was able to see what it offered in Firefox. Such sites are almost all used to convince you to download a product which may be a bigger threat than the adware you have, so under no circumstances should you download the "Combo Cleaner for Mac" or any app recommended by a site such as that. Following the manual instructions should be OK, but may or may not completely remove the adware.

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  • Staff

I'm looking into this right now. Often, these apps will be dropped by an adware installer, but the apps themselves are legitimate and popular. A couple examples are MPlayerX and FileZilla. In both cases, we block the installer but not the app itself.

On initial inspection, though, it looks like this particular app is not legit. I'll keep digging, and we'll add a detection if it's warranted.

On a side note, please be cautious about those "malware removal guide" sites. Many of them are scams, designed to take full advantage of common search terms to bring people in and recommend scam or unwanted software, which they get paid an affiliate fee for recommending. Such sites cannot be trusted, and they cannot even be trusted as providing evidence that something is malware... they often have pages for things that are definitively not malware, but that people frequently search for thinking it may be malware.

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