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Can't remove Avast from computer


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Hi -

A quick bit of help needed please - I am trying to install Kaspersky online scanner but it will not untill I remove all other A/V's - (As you will know) -

I removed or disabled Avira and a few 'minor' programs it pointed out - The only one I cannot remove or even find is Avast -

Kaspersky lists that I have ALWIL Software Avast 4.0 installed but I do not remember installing it and can't find it - :)

I used Right click on My Computer /Search but there is no sign of it being there - It is not in Windows Explorer or any other place I look -

Is there a removal tool for it (I did look below) even though I can't find it ?? - That seems to be the last item to remove prior to a scan -

Actually it is not just a scan , I downloaded a 30 day trial version - I get to to setup but it will go no further 'till this is removed - :)

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  • Root Admin

Remove Anti-Virus WMI Registration

  1. Click on the Start menu.

  2. Select Run...

  3. Type wbemtest and click OK

  4. Click Connect

  5. Type (or copy/paste) root/SecurityCenter in the NameSpace box

  6. Click Connect

  7. Click on Query

  8. Type in or copy / paste
    SELECT * FROM AntiVirusProduct
    and click on Apply

If there is more than one result, it means there is more than one Antivirus program installed.

Double click on each result to view the properties for that Antivirus product.

Identify the product(s) installed and DELETE any records for
you want.


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@ yardbird -

I used Exile360's uninstaller - Good tool - :) Did not need the other one (yet) - Still don't know where it was (Avast) - :)

It just takes ages to get even the trial version of Kasper going (setups - updates - etc) but it is running well now (I hope) - :)

It even wanted Windows Defender turned off prior to installing - Now I know why those with Kasper stay there (too much trouble to reset everything) :)

Thanks for the help peoples - :blink:

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@ noknojon

What about Autoruns to get rid of Avast? post the question....

@ yardbird

Got it all going well now - I thought I said it in above - Sorry if I was a bit vague in the answer - :)

I just meant that by the time I got a few interuptions etc. it is all going good - The remover from exile360 did its job (with no problems) -

Was still getting around finding Kasper setups for scan times etc, but all is running well now - :)

Thanks for your interest and help - (And To All Thanks Again) :)

P.S. Had help from Tarun to remove the Spywaredoctor A/V a month or so ago on his forum -

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If you need more info on Kaspersky you can find it on their forum here and there's a very extensive tutorial on its use and settings here. Its interface does take some getting used to as there's a lot of settings in there, but once you get a feel for where things are it's really not so bad :) .

By the way, you can enable Windows Defender, and likely most of your other security tools if you'd like, just don't forget to exclude all the executables for each one in Kaspersky so they'll play nice :) .

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