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shouldn't mbam be listed on this page ? i don't see it

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Since it is probably up to Microsoft which vendors/products to list on that page I'm not sure what anyone (including Malwarebytes) can do about it to get their product listed.  I also don't know what criteria Microsoft uses for listing products there either, however based on the context it appears that they are just providing a list of examples of AV vendors known to develop products for Windows.  It doesn't appear to be any sort of comprehensive resource or reference.

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Many companies, including those listed on this page, distribute anti malware software.

Microsoft say it themselves, it's not a comprehensive list.

They would also have to rewrite that last "Important:" paragraph as Malwarebytes runs quite happily alongside Windows Defender, and other AVs.

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Microsoft said: it's not a comprehensive list.

that's a good disclaimer.  but it looks like endorsements, and there's an old saying that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...

the only thing i am suggesting is that mbam contact m.s. and ask them to be added to that list.  i don't know if it will have any effect on your sales, but that isn't the issue, really.  it's not a comprehensive list, maybe because they only excluded mbam

looks like everyone else is there (per my comment "they even included trendmicro")

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Just for info, I have never seen or even heard of anyone ever referencing that page prior to this and while I do understand the value of market awareness, simply getting a logo on an obscure (or even prominent/popular) Microsoft support page is unlikely to change anyone's fortunes, at least in my opinion.

With that said, Malwarebytes actually became as prominent as it is now thanks in large part to the word of mouth, grass roots advertising of customers who are aware of Malwarebytes spreading the word to others and recommending it to their techie and non-techie friends and family members.

I don't know what criteria Microsoft uses to determine which products to list there, however if it requires that they be traditional antivirus providers then Malwarebytes really doesn't fit among them anyway given its more modern threat targeting methods.

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