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Moving target (check box etc.) when Malwarebytes Premium is not installed

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Spun off from https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/255277-mbg-v-217-get-full-protection-button-back-again/?do=findComment&comment=1362755

When the block page appears: if the user begins aiming for either (a) the option to continue or (b) the option to not block again, the animated drop-down of the advertisement for Malware Premium causes the targets to move whilst the user is taking aim.

Not good UX.

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Thanks for the feedback (and clarification on the details of the issue).  I will be sure to report it to the Product team for consideration for a future release.


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In the new version of Firefox there's a delay in getting the response on the presence of Premium.  The delay means we have to wait longer before presenting the tout.  If we don't wait longer the tout is served when it shouldn't be. The way extensions are sandboxed our hands are tied on options.

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