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Is Phonerescue safe for your phone?


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Hi I used the free version of Phonerescue 4 on my iPhone with iOS 13.1 or 13.2 (Can't remember). I disconnected it early because I changed my mind (So about 500 megabytes). I want to know if anyone thinks it installs malware to your iPhone, I updated to the most recent version right after. I did see that it does actually find deleted data based on what I saw. I have seen positives and negatives from people and I also I downloaded it from the actual site. I haven't had any issues so far on my mac or phone but still... I also had my security software up that blocks malicious dns as well. Do you think malware got installed on my phone and uploads data to a server?

Has anyone had experiences with it that recommends getting a new phone?

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I’m not aware of any software from iMobie (who has been producing software for iOS and Android since 2011) that includes malware of any kind. The need for such software might be debatable and the fact that it’s a Chinese company would cause some degree of skepticism, though.

Even if malware has been installed on your iPhone (it’s very very rare on iDevices that are not jailbroken), purchasing a new phone would not be a consideration for me. At the very most I would restore the iPhone to factory conditions and redownload all the App Store apps I use that were previously obtained and restore all non-default settings. Time consuming, but otherwise low cost and zero chance of restoring old malware.

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