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FP on local restraunt using .online


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2 hours ago, gonzo said:

Site has been whitelisted.  Please give it 30 minutes for so for the changes to propagate out.

Fixed. It is a long time staple here in town and I paid a visit to the site and noticed they have online ordering and noticed it was blocked blocked because of the .online tld.

Thanks for the fix.

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4 minutes ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Yes, understandable I suppose - just mean that if there is content on the main site one would never see it. At least I don't see it. Only the favor site comes up. So, in that case I'd just bookmark the favordelivery.com site and ignore the .online site


This is the main site that has the link to "order online". I actually had a poorboy from there for dinner. Did not order online, Had son grab it on the way home from work.



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In 2001, Bill Miller BBQ sold 4.5 million pounds of brisket, enough for 4 & 1/2 lbs. for every person living within San Antonio city limits at the time. They also sold 7 million pounds of chicken, 2 million links of sausage, 200,000 slabs of pork ribs, and 9 million pounds of potatoes. They sold over 453,600 jalapeños. They used 1.5 million pounds of tomato paste for barbecue sauce. That year they also used 600,000 tea bags to brew 3 million gallons (11.3 million liters) of tea, enough for 10 million large iced teas. This was sweetened by 2 million pounds of sugar. They sold over 100,000 Texas Tea Buckets and "quart-size" insulated drinking mugs.

They have been here longer than I have been alive.

Sorry to the readers if I made you hungry.

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The company may have been around a long time before you but only on the Web since 1998 - which is a long time.

The .online was only setup last year. Curious why they choose a .info site (aside from cheaper than a .com - why not stay with and keep on the .com?)

Creation Date: 1998-07-29
Updated Date: 2019-01-16

Creation Date: 2019-10-22
Updated Date: 2019-11-15

Creation Date: 2013-07-10
Updated Date: 2019-06-05


It immediately feeds an input script to favordelivery.com so you do not sit on or go to the .online site except for the brief second it takes to do the redirect. It is a customized web page on favordelivery.com  All good, just something I would initially personally be very cautious of. Though safe in this case that is the exact type of behavior used to scam people that think they're going to a specific site.

Manually going to billmillerbbq.com though does not give you the same redirect. It is their own home page.



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