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Strange browser page this mrning


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14 minutes ago, mwr said:

Looks like malware to me.

What you encountered is known as a tech support scam; you may refer to the official Malwarebytes Tech support scams: help and resource page for additional details on these types of scams.  Encountering these sites does not infect your PC; it is simply a trick to attempt to scare you into contacting the number provided so that they can sell you on PC repair services that you don't actually need.

You can help to prevent these threats by installing the Malwarebytes Browser Guard browser extension which is available for Chrome and other Chromium based browsers like SRWare Iron, Vivaldi and the new MS Edge Chromium browser as well as Mozilla Firefox.  Malwarebytes Browser Guard works well alone as well as in addition to Malwarebytes Premium and blocks certain items that Malwarebytes Premium does not because it exists within your web browser which allows it to see aspects of websites and content that the normal Web Protection in Malwarebytes Premium cannot (since it operates at the network level of the stack).  You can learn more and download Malwarebytes Browser Guard here

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No problem. I'll go ahead then and close this topic and leave you some information to better help protect your privacy and your data. If you do need further help though please go ahead and create a new topic and let us know.



If you're not backing up your data and you're still using Google Chrome then you're just not serious about Privacy, Safety, and protecting your data. Malwarebytes is a fantastic program but you still need to back up your data and you still need to block scripts and Ads in your browser. 
If you're still using Google Chrome I would highly suggest you consider using Firefox instead. For more advanced users you might consider installing NoScript as well (it does have a higher learning curve though)

PrivacyTools - Encryption, and tools to protect against global mass surveillance - https://www.privacytools.io

Help Secure your browsers
You may be interested in using our new Malwarebytes Browser Guard to help protect your browser from items that uBlock or others don't target.

Please install uBlock Origin for your browsers to better protect your system.

FireFox, ChromeOpera , SafariMicrosoft Edge
AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer

How to use uBlock Origin to protect your online privacy and security | uBlock Origin tutorial 2018
This video tutorial above explains how to use uBlock Origin in advanced user mode and all the advanced settings to protect your online privacy and help prevent unwanted sites from changing your browser settings

Delete Cookies Automatically

Cookie AutoDelete plugin
Chrome  | Firefox 

Browser push notifications: a feature asking to be abused
HTTPS Everywhere
NOTHING TO HIDE documentary

Review your email and Office choices

Quit Gmail for free encrypted email - Tutanota
Why ProtonMail Is More Secure Than Gmail
LibreOffice - Free and open source office suite

Use Password Management software

KeePass Password Safe

Make sure you use a strong master password
Then set the key transformation settings (the link below helps provide information on how to choose good settings)
KeePass Password Manager: Full Detailed Setup (good YouTube video on setup and using Keepass but choose the Argon2 method for Key transformation)

Encrypted Instant Messenger and Voice Calls

Please review the following site for a breakdown of features of different Messenger applications.

NOTE: Recent news of Wire having new investors and moving to the United States.
Wickr Me

Follow-up Reading

Everything you need to know about cybercrime
10 easy ways to prevent malware infection 
Keep your data backed up

Thank you for choosing Malwarebytes as your preferred security protection software and tell your friends and family too. We're here to help.



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While Google Analytics and many of the other tools that data driven companies like Google offer can certainly be quite useful, many users on the web value their privacy more than their drive to freely donate their data/browsing habits to Google, advertisers and website owners so they use tools like Malwarebytes Browser Guard, ad blockers and other privacy related tools to obfuscate their connections and block access to their systems by trackers and services like Google Analytics.  Also, it isn't necessarily an issue with you wanting to monitor traffic/clicks/visits to your site; these things are perfectly understandable, however all of the various points of data that Google collects through its various utilities embedded in websites from their analytics tools, Ad-Sense/targeted advertisements and much more enable them to profile users across the web to a degree that many find to be unacceptable as when correlated (a possibility only recently thanks to the development of AI/machine learning and the like), it can be used to profile individuals in ways that they never agreed to and can reveal things about them that they never willingly shared with anyone (thanks to other metadata from past/other users with similar 'patterns' of browsing, clicking and purchasing etc.).

It is for this reason that I always block all telemetry, data harvesting, advertising, tracking, social media and similar utilities across the web as well as use anti-fingerprinting tools to attempt to thwart the more persistent and 'sneaky' tracking and profiling methods and tools which don't necessarily rely on more common methods like cookies and the like because I value my privacy and don't like the idea of being profiled and classified by innumerable companies, governments, organizations, data brokers and any hackers which might at any point gain access to their databases of collected user data (all the data breaches you see constantly being reported in the news recently; that's the kind of data that they are trying to steal and the only reason it exists and has value is because it has been collected by these companies and organizations to begin with and they are far too lax in how they protect it and they are too willing to share it with others, whether through affiliate programs and partnerships, or private sales and auctions to the highest bidder(s), as well as through acquisitions where data shared with one entity becomes the property of another because they were purchased by the larger corporation).

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