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Sorry my first post was in error.


If you will just Delete the Cache & History in Internet Explorer browser,  the issue should be taken care of.

Would you please go to the Start button and then the RUN option. ( press & hold Windows-key & tap  R key )
type in



Then use this special keyboard sequence

press and hold SHIFT + CTRL + DELete keys


You will then see a mini-window like this



Put a tick-mark for Temporary Internet files

+   History

+   Download history

and then click on Delete key.

Then Close Internet Explorer.

and then if your Windows is Windows 10,  go to the Start menu.  Click the Settings icon

in the search box, enter

Delete temporary files


and tap Enter-key.   Follow the prompts there.


Let me know if you need anything else.

Edited by Maurice Naggar

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I suggest to do what follows.

[ A  ]
Show all folders/files
What follows is a first step to have Windows 10 show all files and folder. Do not let this spook you out.
There is a how-to at Tenforums. Use either option one or two or three


[  B  ]
Get to a Elevated Command-prompt window:
 for Windows 10
Select the Windows key and X key together, from the xmenu select Command Prompt (Admin)

[  C  ]
Then COPY the entire following line ( as is )  and then Paste it onto the Command prompt

del /s /q C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\low\IE\*.*

then tap the Enter-key.
This will delete all content of the INetCache\low\IE\  sub-folder

Know that the sub-folder Inetcache is just a temporary area for browser cache 

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